The National Latino Leadership Alliance

The Latino Leadership Fellow Program

A Partnership between LIDERAMOS and The Center for Creative Leadership

Program Overview

Latino Leadership Programs will be more effective and have greater impact when directors and staff have participated in leadership development at the highest level and know how to utilize this knowledge and experience to improve their programs.

Through a partnership with the prestigious Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), LIDERAMOS will offer ten Fellowships to Latino Leadership Program directors each year. The fellow would individually attend a one week Leadership Development Program at CCL which is the premiere corporate training program in the world. This experience would provide comparable training as that received by thousands of corporate executives each year.

CCL is providing 75% scholarship for the $7,600 one-week program ($5,700.00). LIDERAMOS is conducting active fundraising to assist with remaining tuition and coordination costs. Actual fellowship cost and coordination is $8,000 per Fellow. Tuition is $1,200.00 for organization whose budget is under 1M and $1,500 for organizations with budgets over 1M. This is approximately 15-18% of actual cost. Fellows pay travel expenses and hotel at the CCL site. Partial scholarships may be requested.


The Fellowship would include:

  1. One week training at the prestigious Leadership Development Program at CCL. Fellows would choose individually when they would attend to give them maximum exposure to corporate training. (Fellows would attend one of CCL’S sites before August 2019.) Click here for more information on CCL’s Leadership Development Program.
  2. Preparation of an individual report on the CCL experience to include:
    • Lessons learned from the training (personal development)
    • The contributions of a mainstream and corporate program (What is unique and different from community programs?)
    • The leadership gap: (What is different about Latinos programs? What contributions can Latino programs make to mainstream leadership?)
    • What aspects of the CCL training can and should be incorporated into community programs?
  3. Continued training and contribution
    The Fellows would meet 2 to 3 times virtually as a group, to share learning, and to integrate the reports they submitted. They would work on a model curriculum that incorporates key aspects of the CCL training into Latino programs. (Fellows should consider the difference in cost and resources.)
  4. A Latino Leadership Scholar would assist with integrating their reports and recommendations and preparing a presentation for the Annual LIDERAMOS Symposium in October 2019 in Denver.


Selection and Timeline:

Interested candidates must have the following qualification:

  1. Be a director or staff person that works with a Latino Leadership Program
  2. Be a member or join LIDERAMOS and have a commitment to participate in LIDERAMOS
  3. Have at least 2-3 years’ experience in the working in the leadership arena and a minimum 4 year track record of community services exemplifying a leadership commitment.
  4. Agree to participate in follow up virtual conversations and attend the National Latino Leadership Symposium
  5. Submit a $1,200.00* coordination and registration fee to LIDERAMOS. Partial scholarships assistance may be requested. (Please note: tuition is $1,200.00 for organization whose budget is under 1M and $1,500 for organizations with budgets over 1M.)

CLICK HERE for an application (PDF)
Deadline to apply is 3/31/19

Meet the 2018 Lideramos Fellows

“There’s no turning back…We will win because our struggle is a revolution of mind and heart…”

– César Chávez