LIDERAMOS: Uniting a Nation of Latino Leadership
Hilton Garden Inn at Cherry Creek
Denver, Colorado
October 3-6, 2018


Inform – Inspire – Impact

Every year Lideramos will bring together Latinos who direct and work in leadership programs for National Leadership Symposiums. The 2018 Symposium will be held October 3-6 in Denver, Colorado and have the following goals:

  1. Promote a national presence and increase the impact of Latino leadership programs
  2. Establish a networking and learning community among Latino leadership programs
  3. Provide resources and technical assistance to initiate leadership programs.
  4. Enhance existing leadership programs and the leadership skills of LIDERAMOS members
  5. Improve research and evaluation methods that will position Latino leadership as a specialized field of study

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Check back often for a listing of webinars
on Latino leadership and programs.

“There’s no turning back…We will win because our struggle is a revolution of mind and heart…”

– César Chávez